Our Mission

Better alternatives to products you love.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles.

Our refill pouches reduce plastic usage by over 85%.

Instead of throwing out your empty bottle, refill it.

Recycling is good. Reusing is better.

Although some high-end brands use recycled materials for their packaging, recycling uses a lot of resources.

According to experts, it’s far better to simply use less plastic.

Plastic does not belong in the oceans.

Plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose and devastate the marine environment. It’s a global crisis.

Your purchase helps even more: for every refill pouch sold, we donate $1 to the Ocean Conservancy.

The ingredients are what matter.

Expensive brands make a big deal about their formulations. But there are only a few ways to make soap. Something we’ve discovered: there’s no secret formula.

We use the same or similar ingredients, and our products work just as well. Please note that we are not affiliated with or endorsed by any other brand.

Small luxuries made affordable.

When you’re buying from high-end brands, what you pay covers the costs of fancy retail stores, expensive marketing campaigns, and other overhead.

Our products are as much as 80% cheaper.

New York proud.

We have a borough in our name for a reason. We’re proud to do business in this city.

We are based in Bushwick and all our soaps are manufactured locally. Some other products are sourced globally but all are vetted by our Brooklyn-based team.

We’d love to hear what you think.

Contact us with your ideas and feedback.