Element Brooklyn is now certified cruelty-free

Element Brooklyn is now certified cruelty-free

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We are proud to announce that we have received Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certification from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). Leaping Bunny Certification is the global gold standard for cosmetics brands that do not use animal testing in any way.

What does the certification mean?

While many brands may claim to be “cruelty-free,” this often only applies to the finished product. Leaping Bunny Certification ensures that a company does not do animal testing on its own or through a contractor and does not use ingredients from any third-party suppliers that have conducted animal testing in any form. Further, it ensures that a company does not submit products to any foreign governments that will test them on animals.

According to Cruelty Free International, nearly 200 million animals are used in testing annually. The practice often remains in use due to antiquated regulations and bureaucratic hurdles that have established it as a standard, even when non-animal testing methods are often more effective.

How does this align with Element's mission?

Element Brooklyn aims to play its small part in shifting our world to a more sustainable and amicable future by reducing plastic use and never testing on animals. Historically, the cosmetics industry has been infamous for animal testing, but our brand uses modern techniques to create cruelty-free products.

It is essential to us that our entire supply chain is free of animal testing, and we are proud to only offer cruelty-free products.

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